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Giant Value in the press:

www.copacetic-zine.com - "This San Francisco trio is such a delightful surprise..."

www.sfweekly.com - "...Giant Value is as easy to like as it is hard to describe."

www.performermag.com - "...you've never heard anything quite like it." - Shane Bartlett

www.indieville.com "...they'll be indie pop heroes in no time." - Matt Shimmer

"Bay Area Buzz, Aug 03" - "It's the best kind of quirkiness..." - Bill Heehan

www.kzsu.stanford.edu - Giant Value's "In the Trees" makes 4th in the top 60 albums for the month of January 2004

"Bay Area Buzz, Oct 03" - "...easy-going wisdom shines through clever lyrics & hummable tunes." - Dan Nelson

www.kzsu.stanford.edu - Giant Value makes the top 10 album for the week of May 18th, 2003 on the Stanford station, KZSU, 90.1 fm.

www.sfgate.com - "Giant Value really lives up to its name" - Beth Lisick reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle's online version, in the Music & Nightlife, "Buzztown" section, from April 9, 2003.

www.sfbg.com - "Giant Value churns out buoyant, countryish pop that practically forces you to smile." - Tali Woodward reviews in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, in the 8 days a week section, March 15, 2003.

www.kalx.berkeley.edu - 90.7 FM Berkeley radio. listen for a Giant Value interview and music currently in circulation on "The Next Big Thing" with Marshall Stax.

THOUGHT OF THE MOMENT: "Movement is time, but stillness is eternity." - Joseph Campbell

note 4/24/06: while it is true that Giant Value is no longer playing together, the band has utilized the opportunity to work on new musical projects. keep an eye out for Featherweight Champion of the World.

note 3/15/06: many thanks to all of you who came out to support GV for the cd release party at Bottom of the Hill on October 1st, not to mention the raucous final show at Hotel Utah! (for those inquiring, fyi, stock of the last GV tshirts have long since been depleted.)

note 3/10/05: we're heading back into the studio this weekend to hammer out some new tunes for the next album. hard to believe a full year has gone by since our first recording efforts last march. so, we're getting serious now, and we truly hope to have the album ready to release come summertime.

note 12/1/04: lots of new songs and more coming. can't wait to have another shot in the studio, another album is still in the works.

note 8/08/04: well yes, sad to say the ol' website has been on the backburner of late, but do not fret, webGV is back! (hopefully soon, that is, almost back) yes, like you, we would like some new and improved links and photos and fun stuff.... alas the pace of life has wound up faster of late, but it looks like there's a break ahead. ahoy!

note 5/9/04: we were very excited to begin working on a new album in march this year, recording at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. this round we are going to take our sweet ol' time, recording whenever we feel the need and see how things develop. more updates to come.

note 1/02/04: Happy New Year! it's hard to believe we've entered yet another year, what does 2004 hold for us? a special note to all you GV fans out there, we are taking a brief hiatus from live shows, but put your worries aside because we will back soon enough! take care and in the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy your copy of In the Trees (or, if you don't have it already, it looks like you'd better take a trip to www.CDbaby.net)

note 7/14/03: stay in tune for Giant Value on TV-- "ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE", Channel 29 in San Francisco. go to www.tipofmytongue.net for more information on the program.

note 5/26/03: we are putting the final touches on our next EP- Giant Value In the Trees- recorded in Woodland, CA. best to dena and mark on their surfing adventures in costa rica AND a special thanks to the Naughts and the Effection for a memorable evening at Hotel Utah- can't wait to do it again!

note 10/9/02: oh, we are so close to finishing our first full length album. making plans for our CD release party, we'll keep you posted!

note 4/23/02: looking forward to recording this summer!!!

note 3/27/02: bon voyage to GV members, as we head off on our individual adventures into the unknown. hola mexico, sol, olas y margaritas (pardon my espanol) & canada, eh hoser? does the RV actually exist? time will tell... we wish you god speed, flying Vman & expect numerous reports from the road....

note 3/25/02: please give a round of applause to Bill, Bart Davenport & Beam for a night to remember at the Ivy Room. and props to the dj, nothing like a late night dance party! hats off to the east bay. yeah baby.

note 3/15/02: thanks to everyone who made it out to the Starry Plough, we had a great time.

note #7: coming soon....selected Giant Value lyrics.

note #6: our website is currently undergoing construction, so be prepared for change (always a good idea, no?)

note #5: protools rules. we are happy and shaking with excitement to say we now have pro tools once again and are ready to begin recording and producing our first full-length album. yeah baby.

note #4: rumor has it that vinnie may be purchasing some sort of crazy RV bus, so let the GV touring begin!

note #3: beware of all daredevil rodents underneath the bayshore boulevard/cesar chavez overpass. bikers beware, these lively, rambunctious little devils may spell your demise, or at the least force a cry from your lips and raise your heartrate to dangerous levels.

note #2: be sure to pick up our latest EP, "Welcome to Giant Value, " if you haven't already.

note #1: a special thanks to all GV fans and your on-going support!!!

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