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Presenting Giant Value- an indie pop trio dedicated to serving up only the very freshest pop tunes for your listening pleasure. Allow us to extend a warm...

Welcome to Giant Value!                                                                Bio/One Sheet PDF

Words do not suffice to describe San Francisco indie pop trio Giant Value. Indeed, the San Francisco Weekly wrote, "Giant Value is as easy to like as it is hard to describe." As West Coast Performer magazine put it, "for all its familiarity, you've never heard anything quite like it." GV defies description, all right, but here's why they're easy to like.

Giant Value traverses the musical genre map multiple times in a single set, but there is a cohesive energy to their "peppy, sophisticated sound." Singer and guitarist Dena Connolly delivers lyrics that are insightful, clever, and sometimes silly. She veritably bursts into flames on her SG, filleting melodies into hooks that stick. Long time accomplice Heather Brubaker adds depth and texture with her honeyed harmonies, warbling keyboards and jaunty bass lines. Between his witty antics and backing vocals, drummer Vinnie Rodrigues lays down a precise "Twister game of beats." Often trading instruments, laughing, and, on the whole, celebrating life's joys and mysteries with one another and the crowd, GV's shows make for a first-rate party, a good time to be had by all. The San Francisco Bay Guardian proclaimed: "Even if you're dead-set on ducking the enthusiasm, you'll likely fail."

Giant Value's recordings differ from their live show, in the sense that the multi-talented trio is not limited by the six hands among them. GV's forthcoming full-length, recorded and mixed at Hyde Street Studios with engineer Gabriel Shepard, is fueled by the steady diet of the guitar, keyboard, bass and drum sounds that constitute GV's live show. In addition to these elements, the listener will be delighted to encounter everything from horns to melodica to glockenspiel to violin. Recorded, the subtleties of Connolly's songwriting craft are more readily appreciable, and the harmonies are sweet and inviting: "they make you feel like you just ate pancakes." The songs range from simple wistful melodies to Saturday morning cartoon-style anthems. Listen to this to be reminded that “everything is eternally beautiful and all right."

A pop trio like this is like school picture day. You shouldn't miss it, and be prepared to smile when you get there. You don't need to describe it, just know that Giant Value is something you shouldn't have to live without, and won't.

Giant Value is:

Dena Connolly - lead guitar and vocals, keys

Heather Brubaker - bass, keys, backing vocals

Vince Rodrigues - drummer