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links to cool local bands:

www.aislersset.com www.moodfood.net
www.araanderson.com www.raysvastbasement.com
www.desotoreds.com www.themonolith.org
www.garthsteelklippert.com  www.trailwork.com/vth

other good stuff:

www.homestarrunner.com - if you've got some time to kill, this is by far one of the greatest internet cartoons out there.

www.muffinfilms.com - particularly recommend checking out number 4 (Pssst).

www.theonion.com - the ol' classic.

www.iuma.com - this site promotes independent and underground bands. the company is based in San Francisco.

www.webfootaudio.com - for all your music engineering needs.

can't live without 'em:

www.sfstation.com - a local San Francisco entertainment guide.

www.thisamericanlife.org - a fantastic radio program on NPR.

www.pacificwaverider.com - otherwise, how are you going to know what the surf is like?

www.weather.com - come on, it's the weather, enough said.

www.nytimes.com - ok, ok, so you probably already know about this one, but they've got all the news that's fit to print.

www.craigslist.com - an online classifieds in SF that really works! check it.

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