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1. Into the Air
2. What the Story Says
3. The Shortness of Life
4. What Were They Thinking
5. The Ol' College Try
6. Silver Screen
7. Personality Dog
8. Tiny Ripple Far Asea
9. Accident of Design
10. Ombudsman of Mystery
11. Umbrella
12. Je Ne Sais Quoi

This San Francisco trio is such a delightful surprise! Although I'd never heard of their name before, I confess I was drawn to the elegant packaging of their latest release: a gorgeous, textured hot air balloon surrounded by swallows on brown kraft paper, designed by the band's drummer, Vince Rodrigues. It's lovely! And the CD itself is cleverly designed to look like a record! Cute!

And, what about the music on the disc, you may ask? Well, it's just as lovely!

Lead vocalist/guitarist Dena Connolly has an unexpectedly husky singing voice, and bassist/keyboardist Heather Brubaker adds some sweetness with the band's 60's-inspired harmonies. "What Were They Thinking?" has a great call-and-response thing going on with some awesome groovy keyboards going on. The songs are quirky and catchy, and they kinda remind of a local band here in Seattle called Visqueen! Super fun, toe-tapping stuff!

Review from www.copacetic-zine.com January 2006. Disc available online at www.CDbaby.com