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Heather Brubaker is an artist who lives and works in San Francisco. She was brought up in a scientific and musical family, which has greatly influenced her artwork. Her father, an ophthalmologist at the Mayo Clinic, would frequently set up microscopes at the family's cabin in Northern Minnesota to examine various specimen or place a laser beam in her 2nd floor bedroom window to shine on a "star" suspended by hidden wires in the front yard during the holidays. It was not unusual for the Brubaker family to sing four-part harmonies during car drives or to each play an instrument in the family band. (At that time, Heather was on the maracas.) Heather studied classical piano for 17 years, as well as playing violin and later went on to form a band in San Francisco playing the electric bass and keyboard with long-time friend and songwriter, Dena Connolly Sharp.

Perhaps influenced by a grandfather's penchant for painting who the family referred to as a "Sunday painter" (He was a physicist who studied optics for his day job.) or a result of an early education in art history, Brubaker was drawn to study painting. She received a BA in Studio Art at Dartmouth College in 1997 and later an MFA in 2004 from the University of California, Davis. Her work draws parallels between macro and microcosms and could be viewed as diagrams of thought processes, connections and energy. These illusory spaces are created with acrylic and oil on canvas, and occasionally in welded steel (created in collaboration with her father).

Brubaker has been involved in the Bay Area arts community since 1998, as an exhibiting artist, curator, educator and gallerist. She is currently a web designer, focusing on small business and artist websites. She has also developed a keen interest in cooking, gardening and the local food movement and can be found volunteering at the Edible Schoolyard funded by the Chez Panisse Foundation at the Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley.


My work considers structures, pattern and repetition. I create chain-like elements, ribbons and clusters influenced by string theory physics, molecular biology, astronomy and music. I attempt to capture relationships between matter- light, space and sound. I think of my paintings as imaginary landscapes, mapping connections of energy between particles in space. The internal logic of the work evolves organically through the process of painting.



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