Purview Per View Exhibition
Amanda Hughen   Lorene Anderson   Marc Williams   Reed Danziger   Sarah Walker
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I'm interested in random patterns, networks and self-automating systems and reinforce these explorations by mimicking that concept in my paint application. I let paint travel across wet areas creating a webbed effect, or let different mediums merge, feather into each other or totally repel one another. Patterns emerge that resemble nerve, network or tree branch designs. Thinking about cities as a type of self-automating system led me to my current series of abstract paintings that explore the concept of organized networks versus chaotic patterns.

Chance, gravity and physics control the shape, direction, and distribution of paint. The density of runs and drips builds volume and creates space much like cells or atoms. Interested in unexpected compositions, I engage various paint media to create a stable instability. I experiment with opposites: loud vs. quiet, fast vs. slow, chaos vs. order.

Lorene Anderson, Belt(Way)

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